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Les mots bleus Alban Darche et Loïs Le Van

reference number : J2092
release date : 31/03/2023
Photos : ©Bruno Belleudy


about this album

Both known for their creative jazz, it is surprising to hear Alban Darche and Loïs Le Van in this register, and so much the better.
For this album they have decided to surprise themselves, overpassing their own habits.

Primary to the whole project was the idea of encounter, for the obvious and pure emotion to emerge, to be able to provoke magic and to capture it. Alban and Loïs invited 10 musicians with assertive personalities, strong and luminous, to come and record a few titles. Without rehearsals, without preset arrangements or any other directives, only the name of the pieces, chosen from a large list conceived with each one of them, they agreed on one (or two) tones and that's it. An evening and a meal before each studio session for the encounter to happen truly, humanly and musically. Each recording in the studio began with a take, leaving any prior instructions aside. They sat down and play, and Jonathan Marcoz recorded. Confidence, listening, musical personality were the clue. Though very far from a Jam session, they always kept in mind that an album was being made. An album to be listened and re-listened to. Each note had to be "right", each musical proposal had to be strong and assumed.
Alban and Loïs not only discussed, they followed each other, complemented, intertwined. In these trios they alternatively are shadow and light.
A three-dimensional duo.


It's not an exhaustive list.

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june 2024


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1. Comme d'habitude - 05:53
Lyrics : Gilles Thibaut and Claude François. Music: Jacques Revaux and Claude François
With Sandrine Marchetti

2. I’ll be seeing you - 02:20
Lyrics : Irving Kahal. Music: Sammy Fain
With Sylvain Rifflet

3. Don’t speak - 04:36
Lyrics and music: Eric Stefani et Gwen Stefani
With Alexis Thérain

4. Les moulins de mon coeur - 05:56
Lyrics : Eddy Marnay. Music: Michel Legrand
With Baptiste Trotignon

5. Fake plastic trees - 05:20
Lyrics and music: Radiohead
With Émilie Chevillard

6. Les mots bleus - 05:42
Lyrics : Jean-Michel Jarre. Music: Christophe
With Yonathan Avishaï

7. Old man - 03:50
Lyrics and music : Neil Young
With Paul Jarret

8. Si j'étais un homme - 04:46
Lyrics and music : Diane Tell
With Nelson Veras

9. My all - 05:26
Lyrics and Music : Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff
With Bruno Ruder

10. My imagination - 03:20
Lyrics and Music: Bill Withers
With Leïla Soldevila

11. Waiting in vain - 04:06
Lyrics and Music : Bob Marley
With Baptiste Trotignon

12. Karma police - 03:25
Lyrics and Music : Thom Yorke
With Émilie Chevillard

13. Jóga - 04:26
Lyrics and Music : Björk
With Sandrine Marchetti

Total time 58:57


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