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Alexis Thérain Guitarist


From 1992, he accompanied variety singers and orchestras (notably Claude Estève; Zora - Printemps de Bourges 1996; Tichot). He joined the Orchester National de Jazz from 2002 to 2005: international tours, two albums (Admirabelamour in 2002, La fête de l'eau" in 2003), a DVD (Tour in Canada, in 2004) and then participated in numerous projects. jazz: the Geoffroy Tamisier Trio ("Au bonheur des anges, 2005; tour in Georgia),  Alban Darche Trio ("Brut oudemi-sec") and Bruno Regnier's X'tet (Suite de danses; Au large d'Antifer) .
At the same time, he works with the Wazemmes l'accordéon festival, in Lille, within the framework of European cross-border projects: tour in Serbia with the Orchester du Vetex; toured the United States and Canada with the duo Therain-Dille (the album Zatten André, 2009).
He also produced two albums in his own name: Idiomatik in 2006 (4 stars World of Music; 4 stars Jazzman) and Temps Mosaïque in 2007 (solo).
Thanks to the National Scene of Besançon, he collaborated, from 2010, in the creation of La chute de la maison Usher (under the direction of Sylvain Maurice) which gave rise to numerous national performances.
With Sébastien Bertrand and his Nahas Project, he toured Lebanon, Canada, China (2014).
He accompanies the actor Jacques Bonnaffé on stage on several occasions (2011-2012).
Still within the framework of Wazemmes l'accordéon, finalization of the Si Six project, in tribute to Jimi Hendrix (2014, replayed in 2018)
The last few years have seen the birth of new creations: participation in Organik Orkeztra (directed by Jérémie Ternoy and Kristof Hiriart), with the release of the album Beraz (2018) and in a brand new proposal from this fine formation: Ritual (January 2019 to Tulle).
With Pantxix Bidart, a Basque singer-musician, he produced two albums: Metamorfosia and Hamalau (14) in 2016 and 2018.

At the beginning of 2019, he joined the Oh My Love project by Alban Darche and Emmanuel Beneche, (creation February 2019, Vezelay).
2020: Organik Orkeztra: album "RITUAL"
2021: Mirifique Orchestra: album "OH MY LOVE"
Creation of the RAPSODIA project, with the Organik Orkeztra
2022: "OH MY LOVE 2", Mirifique Orchestra
"VERDI" project and concerts with the Mirifique Orchestra
Concerts with rapper EENZEL
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