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live forms Matthieu Donarier trio

reference number : J2047
release date : 05/05/2010


about this album

Created in 1999, this wayfaring trio is celebrating its 10th birthday this year! Ten years spent playing in Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America; those ten years were punctuated with meetings and repertories, compositions, improvisations, remakes of French songs and classical pieces or arrangements of traditional tunes.
As time went by, the music of the band established itself according to its evolution, melodic and generous, made of grooves and polyrhythm, short pieces sometimes close to chamber music, silence and fury. Is it jazz? Yes, if we consider that “playing jazz”, since it was created, has always consisted of composing, remaking, arranging tunes and constantly passing them down, freely.
The 3 musicians play at removing the frontier between the written material and the improvised one, and hold a free and flowing music they can develop thanks to the story they have built together. And the band’s sound speaks for itself.

Translation Eric Amrofel


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01 - Au bal de l’anarchYste - 7’13
02 - Le roi des cons* - 4’16
03 - Abrakadabra - 4’49
04 - Au refuge - 2’48
05 - Gnossienne n°3** - 5’31
06 - Le temps ne fait rien à l’affaire - 6’08
07 - Tipperay - 4’46
08 - Novosibirsk - 8’14
09 - Underwater scenes (with lili) - 4’31
10 - Il pleut dans ma chambre***- 7’21
11 - Butterfly me (butterfly you) - 1’39

Composition : Matthieu Donarier
*Georges Brassens, **Erik Satie, ***Charles Trénet