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optic topic Matthieu Donarier trio

reference number : J2020
release date : 08/05/2004

about this album

Optic Topic. What was initially a misprint perfectly sums up the story of this trio which was formed almost seven years ago by three friends from the Conservatoire, Matthieu Donarier, Manu Codjia and Joe Quitzke. Optic Topic is a kind of group autobiography because although this is only the group’s first album , over those seven years, they have had time to play, to live and mature. While they have not being heard of much, they have played in France and abroad, in Morocco, Lebanon, Spain, Canada… and these trips, these encounters, these common stories enrich the life of a band, enable them to have a story, to get better acquainted. Matthieu Donarier’s compositions are like logbooks, the witnesses of the events and encounters that have marked his life. Matthieu unveils his feelings and uses the full range of his harmonic palette to present us with these moments of the day that inspire him. One has already been acquainted to the wealth of Matthieu’s play through the various projects in which he took part – Daniel Humair Baby Boom, Gabor Gado Quartet or Sacre du Tympan – and which allowed him to move away from the emotional, from sheer admiration and become a great saxophone player with a very nuanced and delicate play. For this record, Matthieu Donarier uses all his instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophone) and displays his eclectic abilities. The wealth and breadth of the climates make this record a personal and collective achievement: Matthieu Donarier asserts himself as a leader and composer, Manu Codjia and Joe Quitzke’s play is a testimony of the complicity between the three men, the result of seven years spent alongside. Life experience 1997-2004 or Stories 1997-2004 would definitely have been suitable subtitles for this album.