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"One of the most inventive pioneers in his genre", "piano wizard", "a keyboard magician" or “a Fender Rhodes specialist", are some of the quotes describing Jozef Dumoulin. The press
qualified his music as "dreams about music and music about dreams", "a sort of journey
through the music of today that remembers the music of yesterday and would like to reach that
of the future", offering "a subtle mixture between emotion and experimentation". As a
musician, Dumoulin is known for being able to maintain his own voice in every musical
context, wether it be traditional jazz, improvised music, pop music or contemporary music.

Born in 1975 in Ingelmunster, in the pretty deep Belgian countryside, from a very early age
Jozef Dumoulin was totally attracted to music and sound, fooling around on the two pianos at
home. Throughout his childhood and teenage years he attended classes in piano, organ,
clavichord, euphonium, harmony and some drums. Around the age of 16 he discovered jazz,
and began spending hours in the local library finding records and zapping the TV at night in the
hope of bumping into some live jazz. After high school he studied psychology for two years but
then decided to go to the Brussels Conservatory where he was tutored by Diederik Wissels and
Nathalie Loriers. He also spent two years at the Musikhochschule of Cologne taking classes
with John Taylor.

Musically, Dumoulin has his fingers in lots of pies. Initially he played the piano, as in his
formal band with singer Barbara Wiernik on the CD ‘Eclipse’ (Mogno 2001), an instrument he
still deeply cherishes. At the same time he has developed his unique sound on the Fender
Rhodes, combining it with electronics. Using this setup, he joined forces with a number of
existing formations (such as the Magic Malik Orchestra, Reggie Washington Trio Tree, Octurn,
Dre Pallemaerts group, Othin Spake, Le Cube, Benzine, Narcissus Quartet, ...), still finding enough time
to engage in other enriching get-togethers (Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Toots Thielemans, Aka
Moon, Belmondo brothers, David Lynx, ...). He shared the stage and recorded with Mark
Turner, Bill Carothers, Michael Brecker, Dave Liebman, Jaime Torres, Sekouba Traore, Skoota
Warner, Trevor Dunn, Daniel Humair, Hilmar Jensson, Andrew D'Angelo, Joseph Bowie,
Nelson Veras, Marc Ducret, Nate Wooley, Ron Miles, Ronny Jordan, Robin McKelle and T.N. Seshagopalan, Kartet,
Soo Bin Park, Jef Lee Johnson, Rick Margitza, Zapp! String Quartet among many others.

In 2006 Jozef Dumoulin moved to Paris, where he soon became active and increasingly
interested in developing his own music – solo or with acoustic and electronic bands such as Lidlboj or Jozef Dumoulin trio (with Trevor Dunn and Eric Thielemans), besides his performances as a side-man. Other ongoing personal projects include two duos; one with singer Lynn Cassiers and one with
guitarist Nelson Veras.

He also co-composed the music for a quartet-cd with saxophonist Jerôme Sabbagh and for a double-cd with belgian M-base/Messiaen cult-band Octurn. He also composed and performed music for several movies.

In the last years he released three cd's on the Bee Jazz label: “Trees are always right” with his
belgian band Lidlboj, “Rainbow Body” with his trio made up of Eric Thielemans on drums
and Trevor Dunn on bass, and “A Fender Rhodes Solo”. All three albums were critically acclaimed and awarded the press prizes such as ''Choc'' (Jazzman/Jazzmagazine), ''Disque élu'' – which means ''Chosen record'' - (Citizen Jazz), ''mention So Jazz'' (So Jazz), ''Disque d'Or 2009'' - '' Golden Record 2009'' - (Crisscross-jazz) and ''Recommended CD'' (All about jazz) for ''Trees are always right’', ''Top 6 - editorial prescription'' (Jazz News), ''Cd van de week'' (Cobra.be), **** (De Volkskrant), ''TOP-cd'' (Jazz-Mozaïek) and ''Choix de la rédaction'' – ''Editorial board's choice'' (Le Soir) for ''Rainbow Body’’, and **** (Downbeat), ‘'Top 6 - prescription de la rédaction'' (Jazz News), ‘‘Recommended New Releases’’ (NYJazzrecord), **** (Freejazzblog), "Elu" citizenjazz for “A Fender Rhodes Solo”.

Jozef Dumoulin performed all over the globe and can be heard as a sideman on over 50 records.

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other works
En tant que leader :
Lidlboj "Trees are always right" (Bee Jazz Records – Bee 036 – 2009)
Barbara Wiernik & Jozef Dumoulin "Eclipse" (MOGNO J004 – 2001)

En tant que participant :
Octurn "7 eyes" (Octurn – 2009)
Othin Spake "Child of deception and skill" (Rat records RAT008 / GVCD005 – 2008)
Mâäk's Spirit "Stroke" (Nefertiti – 2008)
Octurn / Magic Malik "_XPs [live]" (Octurn – 2007)
Dré Pallemaerts "Pan Harmonie" (B Flat – 2007)
Pierre Van Dormael / Octurn "North Country Suite" (W.E.R.F. 060 – 2007)
Mâäk's Spirit "5" (W.E.R.F. 059 – 2006)
Othin Spake "The Ankh" (Rat records RAT004 – 2006)
Octurn "21.emanations" (YOLK.J2025 – 2006)
Tomassenko "La Danse des Komnous" (Tomassenko production – 2006)
Erwin Vann "Let's call Ed" (HornPlayer 001 – 2005)
Marco Locurcio "Jama" (Lyrae Records – 2003)
Mattis "Heap Of Comfort" (Lyrae Records LY 0102-C – 2002)
Jambangle "Trinity Song" (BRM 2012 – 2002)
Fabien Degryse "Jazz" (AZ Productions AZ1002 – 2001)
Marco Locurcio "Giulia Is Asleep" (Lyrae Records LY 20024-C – 2000)

En tant qu'invité :
Vansina / Gudmunsson / Verbruggen "Tokio Quantize" (Rat records RAT007 – 2007)
VVG Trio "In Orbit" (Rat records RAT002/003 – 2006