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A Beginner's Guide to Diving and Flying Jozef Dumoulin & Orca Noise Unit

reference number : J2072
release date : 02/03/2018
Photos : Caroline Duballet (band) & annabelle tiaffay (CD)

about this album

"Orca Noise Unit is based on an anagram of —oneironautics—, which refers to the ability to travel within a dream on a conscious basis. Those who have already kept a dream journal know what it feels like to go back and read over older parts. Some dream accounts have a lot of details, others evoke not much more than just a vibe. Some can be read like a full story, whereas others have no beginning, or no end, or neither. Sometimes we were genuinely lucid at the moment of the dream - or at least had a clear perception of things - whereas at other moments we were totally immersed in the projected reality.
But together the stories always make sense in a very particular way that is difficult to describe. When I was putting this record together I understood at some point that this was the perfect image for what I was trying to do. The feeling I got when listening to the whole of the final versions of the songs was very similar to the one I get when I’m dealing with my own dream world and my dream journal. 
This was a new sensation for me. I let it be the guide for the final adjustments of the music and I’m very happy and excited to have been able to turn that atmosphere into a musical form.”

“This record is dedicated to the loving memory of my father, Jacques Dumoulin.”

Jozef Dumoulin, October 2017


1 As Above, So Below 5'15"
2 The Garden 3'42"
3 Imagined Rotation 1'40"
4 The Hand 3'18"
5 Second Room 2'27"
6 Little Lemon 4'36"
7 Mild 5'06"
8 Peering And Palpation 0'55"
9 Breathing Under Water 2'26"
10 The Bristlecone Pine 2'46"
11 The Other Side Of The Month 6'12"
12 Something About A Horse 0'26"
13 Little Flower Expanding 4'56"
14 Acknowledgements 1'38"
15 As Below, So Above 6’16"
Photos : Caroline Duballet (band) & annabelle tiaffay (CD)