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Bricabracomaniacs Daniel Erdmann & Stéphane Payen

reference number : J2084
release date : 25/03/2021
Photos : © Laurent Poiget


about this album

Teaser, by Igor Juget

Bricabracomaniacs is the title of the record to be released on the French label Yolk Records (Victoire du Jazz 2019 as label of the year). This new collaboration allows the two saxophonists to polish their speech and create this duo recorded at the National Center for Musical Creation in Reims (Césaré). The repertoire mixes personal compositions and references to melodists who have marked their paths (J.S. Bach, Steve Argüelles, Doug Hammond ...). This selection reflects their bric-a-brac, a polymorphous landscape made of multiple insularities.
Daniel Erdmann and Stéphane Payen met in 2000 in Berlin during a jam session with guitarist/drummer John Schröder. But it’s only in 2012 that they first collaborated and formed Insel Musik (a quintet with Matyas Szandaï on doublebass, Rafaël Koerner and Julien Chamla on drumsets). In 2014, they also took part in the recording of the nonet lead by American saxophonist and composer Joe Rosenberg (together with Edward Perraud, Arnaud Cuisinier, Bruno Angelini, Robin Fincker ...).
In addition to this duo, Stéphane Payen currently performs with The Workshop, Thôt (whose return to the stage is imminent), Ingrid Laubrock, Guillaume Orti, Alban Darche's Orphicube, the Nautilis ensemble, etc... Daniel Erdmann currently performs with Velvet Revolution, Das Kapital, Vincent Courtois ... He received the European Musician of the Year 2019 award from the Académie du Jazz and is the winner of the SWR Jazzpreis 2020.


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Press Review Bricabracomaniacs

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01. Hijacking 1 (Stéphane Payen d’après j.S. Bach) — 01:22
02. Hojnes na ? (Daniel Erdmann) — 01:56
03. Wailing — Tidd’s place (Doug Hammond) — 03:37
04. Elderberries (Steve Argüelles) — 02:16
05. 72-2 (Stéphane Payen) — 01:10
06. Les Frigos (Daniel Erdmann) — 03:51
07. 72-1 (Stéphane Payen) — 03:21
08. The Harmolodic thing (Stéphane Payen) — 03:23
09. Mini ensemble (Doug Hammond) — 02:10
10. The Family thing (StépHane payen) — 03:00
11. The Bold mouse Flight (Stéphane Payen) — 02:48
12. 1984 (Daniel Erdmann) — 03:39
13. Hijacking 2 (Stéphane Payen d’apreès J.S. Bach) — 03:53
14. Native (Jorrit dijkstra) — 03:26
15. One Way and the other* (Stéphane Payen) — 04:57
total time 44:51

Daniel Erdmann — tenor Saxophone
Stéphane payen — alto Saxophone
Paul Erdmann — viola (3, 10)
Max Lance — recording, mix
Sylvain Thévenard — mastering
Recorded in Reims at Césaré (Spring 2018), centre national de création musicale

The residence prior to this recording was made possible by the support of the Region Grand Est and the DRAC Grand Est.
Thanks to DAS ATELIER, Nicolas Dhont, Paul Erdmann, O’gib, Igor Juget, in’n out, Philippe le Goff and the Césaré team, Anne Monteillet, Christelle Payen