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[a.ka] dreams Print

reference number : J2015
release date : 01/03/2002

about this album

The Yolk label is liked for its rebellious spirit and its absence of limits in terms of musical genre, for those improvised musical pieces which hold current jazz as their only guide. A true field of improvisation which builds, with this second album by Print, yet another landmark on its way. The musical basis of the project is quite straightforward: Two saxophone players let loose in nature, the excellent Sylvain Cathala and Stéphane Payen and a rhythm section made up of Jean Philippe Morel (double bass) and Frank Vaillant (drums). Following their first album, Isophero, released in 2000, one already had an idea of the potential of this band. This propensity for talent has been confirmed here with compositions which head in so many directions, with a clear will to explore. One notices a true original process of improvisation music, with a desire to match melody and rhythm. This record is pervaded by powerful musical desires as well as an unending and impressive wish to contravene the genres by a musical combination which sounds very closely knit.


01. Daybreak
02. Night’s melody
03. The Dream’s words
04. Night Bird
05. Evening Star
06. Journey in Italy
07. Full Moon
08. Crescent Moon
09. The Dream’s sound