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japan edition Triade

reference number : J2007
release date : 01/01/2001

about this album

Stop the gloominess! One could say that the development of jazz education in the last 15 years has not created a new Coltrane every day. However, this development clearly contributes to the healthy blossoming of fresh new talent. A great exemple is TRIADE, a jazz trio based in France, playing with an exciting and adventuresome siprit. This trio creates a burning fire of contrasting dynamics and colors wich animate a passion for the song and strong lyricism, yet also demonstrating a sense of construction and precision. All this is in good taste and a pleasant surprise coming from such young established musicians. A maturity and intelligence is present in their sound, allowing a liberty, weight and enthusiasm stretching musical boundaries and limits. In this unified musical entity, we find the harmonic palette and touch of the Pianist Cédric Piromalli (principle composerof the trio's music), the strong and assured music voice of bassist Sébastien Boisseau, and the rythmic and textural qualities of drummer Nicolas Larmignat. TRIADE, with each member's unconventional role, takes the jazz trio setting to another level. With collective and unedited creativity, they hold their own place next to their predecessors in the jazz community.

Armaud Merlin.