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Hailed by critics for his albums Vind (2019), Rendez-vous à l'Ovyne (2017) recorded with the Bravo Big Band, Loïs le Van had already distinguished himself with So much more, accompanied by Sylvain Rifflet on saxophone, Bruno Ruder on piano, Chris Jennings on double bass. This opus, released in 2016, convinced Télérama (obtaining the mention “fff”), Jazzmag (mention “Shock”), Jazznews (classified “Indispensable”) and Citizen jazz (“Elu”).
Loïs le Van had previously stood out in the jazz world by being part of the “French Revelations 2014” by Jazz Magazine, in particular thanks to the album The Other Side by Loïs le Van Sextet (mentions “Révélation” by Jazz Magazine and “Elu” by Citizen Jazz). In 2012, it was her performance at the international “Voicingers” competition in Zory, Poland, which won the votes of the jury, made up of Patricia Barber, Lars Danielsson and Thierry Quenum. Trained at the Lyon conservatory, Loïs le Van then studied in California with Roger Letson, then in Brussels under the guidance of David Linx.
Practicing an eclectic jazz, curious about new things, Loïs le Van is at the initiative of Loïs le Van Sextet, an ensemble whose compositions and arrangements for flugelhorn and French horn reveal all the nuances of his voice. By having his compositions interpreted by the Bravo Big Band on the album Rendez-vous à l'Ovyne (2017), the singer offers a work conceived as a poetic intrigue, on texts by François Vaiana and Laura Karst. At the same time, her interest in poetry is expressed in the duo Les Yeux de Berthe, created with pianist Sandrine Marchetti, whose first opus, Leaves and Clouds (2015), sets the contemporary poetry of Philippe Jaccottet to music. The duo has another project in progress, Chansons, mixing poetry and French song. Loïs Le Van has also joined Flaws, a trio driven by the pianist's compositions, accompanied by singer Célia Tranchand.
If Loïs le Van takes boundless pleasure in composing, he also enjoys interpreting the music of other composers. He thus participated in the Belgian jazz-rock group Canopée (album Aveugles Éblouis, 2013) and is increasingly involved as a sideman, collaborating on the album Morning Lights (2018) by Seb Necca's group Grounded and the album Murmures (2018) by Tom Bourgeois' group Murmures. Together they recorded a vinyl Live (Neuklang, 2020) and are working on a new album scheduled for 2022.
The singer also participated in the album Oh my love (2020), by the Mirifique Orchestra, which obtained the mention “Shock” from Jazz Magazine. Among his recent collaborations are a participation in the album L'hiver (2021) by the group Theorem of Joy, named an "indispensable record" by Paris Move, as well as a participation in the album Fall (2021), by the duo formed by singer Léa Castro and pianist Antoine Delprat, praised by Télérama (mention “ffff”).
Adept of polyphonic experiences, Loïs Le Van was a member of the Belgian group Brussels Vocal Project and of the Californian ensemble Vocal Flight, winner of a Downbeat Award in 2008 and of the Reno Vocal Jazz Festival in 2007. The singer was also co- leader of the a capella sextet Ego System: their album Tombés du ciel (2016) received the mention “Revelation” from Jazz Magazine.
His projects multiplied with the creation of VIND, a trio he composed with Paul Jarret on guitar and Sandrine Marchetti on piano. After their first eponymous album, the trio is embarking on the adventure of a second opus, VIND2.0, released in the fall of 2022.
The singer is finally working on a more personal project, in which he gives carte blanche to several jazz artists – Sandrine Marchetti, Paul Jarret, Anne Quillier, Bruno Ruder, Margaux Vranken, Estreilla Besson, Tom Bourgeois – to compose a solo piece for him.
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