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15 berceuses Nathalie Darche joue Geoffroy Tamisier

reference number : J2079
release date : 19/06/2020


about this album

It’s a musical nap, a salutary rest allowing to stop time, just to feel and to listen. It’s the art of taking your time. It's slow music like the slow life movement.
Fifteen parentheses, each dedicated to a child dear to the composer, which form a gallery of portraits that can be surveyed in its entirety or picked as needed, each time offering an intense journey.
From a compositional angle, the fifteen lullabies are a concentration of Geoffroy Tamisier' music, who, melody esthete, exceling at creating an impression of apparent simplicity, makes the richest colors accessible and obvious.
Geoffroy Tamisier and Nathalie Darche have known each other for a long time, one of the lullabies is even dedicated to Nathalie's son. The pianist, familiar with the composer's music, feel at ease in his musical universe, providing her own style, thus bringing Geoffroy Tamisier's intimacy closer to anyone's ears.
Listen and re-listen as an ASMR spot.