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Nathalie Darche pianist


Nathalie Darche never stops widening her horizon with classical ans contemporary music, jazz, theater. She thus works with ensembles, artists and composers from different backgrounds: Brittany Symphony Orchestra, Alban Darche's Le Gros Cube, director Sylvain Maurice, musicians John Hollenbeck, Mathias Ruëgg, Baptiste Trotignon, Martin Matalon, Arturo Gervasoni, Jeanne Added, Thomas de Pourquery, Anne Magouët, Jon Irabagon…
Nathalie Darche plays on a dozen albums widely praised by national and international critics.
She is also an accompanist at the Departmental Conservatory of Saint-Nazaire.
Annabelle Tiaffay


It's not an exhaustive list.

july 2024
17  concert  Dandy Dandie @ Germ-Louron
19  concert  Dandy Dandie @ Saint-Thomas
21  concert  Dandy Dandie @ Montfort


other works
Pétrole (Pépin et plume/l'AutreDistribution, 2018)
Méditation voix et piano (Bayard musique nov 2016)
My Xmas traX (Pépin et plume 2013)
​L'OrphiCube (Pépin et plume 2013)