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urban setting Out of the blue

François RipocheChloé CailletonWilfried ChevalierFrederic ChiffoleauJean-Patrick CossetAnne Morineau
reference number : J2017
release date : 29/03/2003

about this album

Out of the Blue is a project lead by the tenor sax player Francois Ripoche . Their new album called "Urban Setting" was released in october 2003 in Europe on the Jazz label "Yolk Records" .
All France based musicians, Out of the Blue proposes a modern approach of jazz, mixing his music with a full variety of sounds, rhythms and harmonies, joining somehow in a jazz way musical universes influenced by artists such as Tricky, Bjork... A jazz project at the border of trip-hop, groove and electronic music. "Out of the Blue" was selected by the French Magazine "Vibrations" as one of their 10 favorite albums of 2003.