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Chloé Cailleton singer


After an initial brush with classical piano, this singer/percussionist originally from Cholet in Western France began her self-taught jazz studies. Later, she attended the Conservatoire Régional de Nantes and then the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, from which she graduated in 2008 after four years studying under the direction of Ricardo Del Fra, François Théberge, Glenn Ferris, Hervé Sellin and Dré Pallemaerts. She trained in jazz performance, in addition to composition and arrangement for different ensembles ranging from big band to symphonic orchestra. Holder of an English degree, she has always been passionate about modern languages. As a performer, she considers attention to a language's sounds to be just as important as, and indeed inseparable from, the mastery of musical intonation. In the world of jazz, she has sung for 5 years as part of the Voice Messengers (a vocal jazz group of 8 singers who won the French Academy of Jazz's 2008 Vocal Jazz Award for the album “Lumières d’Automne”). After touring France and Europe, she recorded the album “Encore du bop?” with Jean Loup Longnon et Le Grand Orchestre, released in January 2010 on Intégral Records. Since 2005, she has played percussion in the all-female Afro-Brazilian group Zalindê. In 2001 she met Philippe Baden Powell (pianist son of the Brazilian composer and performer) and joined his quintet. In August 2009, she won the Crest Vocal Jazz contest, after which she formed her own trio, with the pianist Armel Dupas and the double bassist Ronan Courty. All three collaborated equally on a composition project for the symphony orchestra at the Conservatoire de Cholet, in 2010. She has become Chevalière des Arts et des Lettres (nominated by the Ministry of Culture) in may 2021.

She gives voice to her passion, a virtuosity, humour... One can be quite crazy about this witty woman, who deploys several timbres with jubilation. Michel Contat, Télérama
sylvain gripoix


It's not an exhaustive list.


other works
- Suite Andamane Leila Olivesi Nonet – Attention Fragile, ACEL, 2019
- La Baronne Bleue album éponyme - Aloya Records, 2018
- Le Vanneau Huppé Collectif Spatule - Aloya Records, 2017
- Exo Pierre de Bethmann Medium Ensemble – Alea, 2016
- Sysiphe Pierre de Bethmann Medium Ensemble – Plus Loin, 2014
- Encore du Bop? - Jean Loup Longnon et le Grand Orchestre – Intégral Jazz, 2010
- Lumières d’Automne - Les Voice Messengers – Black and Blue, 2008