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Marco Giongrandi Banjoist


Marco Giongrandi is mostly focused on experimenting with the extemporaneous aspects of music, whether improvised or not, and on developing new communicative languages. He’s involved in various musical scenes around Europe, such as jazz (Hendrik Lasure’s Warm Bad, Dear Uncle Lennie), improvised music, independent pop/folk/rock (Kettle of Kites). In 2015 he released his debut album Departures on Honolulu Records as leader, composer and arranger with the band Soares and since then has been touring extensively around Europe and China. Recently, after spending several years pondering about the role of improvisation and composition in music, he started a new project as leader, singer- songwriter, banjoist and guitarist.
As well as a musician and performer, he’s also one of the founding member of Honolulu Records.
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