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Nicolas Audouin Clarinet


Originally from Saint-Nazaire, Nicolas discovered the clarinet at the Conservatory where he studied for ten years.
He was introduced to improvisation by integrating various brass bands and decided to improve his skills by joining the Jazz school in Tours until the DEM Jazz which he obtained in 2018. The eclecticism of his musical tastes led him to play with formations with very varied styles: from progressive pop with the LENI trio, to chamber jazz with the Orleans quintet ROTOR and the quartet of Olivier Thémines, via brass band and street art with the Compagnie du Coin.
His recent practice of the bass clarinet led him to collaborate with Guillaume Hazebrouck and Nina Kibuanda for the PIGMENTS and The Clarinet Choir project.
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november 2022
26  concert  Pigments & The Clarinet Choir @ Sous les palmiers la plage, Saint-Nazaire


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