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Nina Kibuanda Slam


Originally from Kinshasa, Nina Kibuanda is an artist in turmoil! His creed? promotion of the French language. Youngest son of Senghor, swarthy son of Ferré, he breathes new colors into his art by collaborating with traditional or jazz musicians, dancers, painters, designers or videographers.
He devoted himself to rap from the age of 13 and joined the groups Desperados, Ninsthreiz and Ligne de Mire. At the same time, he became interested in theater and then in slam. He staged 4.48 psychosis by Sarah Kane, then Le Printemps qui fut and Parole de femmes and published his poetry, notably with the collections Baisers de ma solitude and Mots en fleurs. At the same time, he created the bands Bouche de crocodile and Cordes Sensibles with double bass player Xavier Normand. In 2021, he performed in the opera Les Sauvages co-produced by Nantes Opéra and Frasques company.
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