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Vincent Tortiller Drummer


Straight out of a family of musicians, Vincent became interested in percussion and rhythms at the age of 4. After classical studies in different conservatories, he decides to devote himself exclusively to the drums at 15 years old. Graduated from a DEM Jazz at the Orsay Conservatory in 2012, after a stint at the Clamart Conservatory, he joined the Didier Lockwood school in 2013 for a period of 2 years, and graduated in 2015. He played in particular with : Guillaume Perret & Electric Epic / François Corneloup / OJJB / Franck Tortiller (director of the National Jazz Orchestra) / MCO Collectiv / Hong Thanh / Source / Twin Arrows, etc.
Vincent Tortiller has been hosting the Baiser Salé jam twice a month since September 2014, during which he invites many musicians from the young Parisian "jazz" scene, without forgetting his "Jazz Tomorrow" residency in the same club since July 2016.

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