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Géraldine Laurent Saxophonist


Born in 1975, Géraldine LAURENT began her musical studies with the classical piano and began playing the saxophone at the age of 13, at the conservatory in Niort, her hometown. She then studied jazz alongside Robert Boillot and pianist Floris Nico Bunik, and obtained a DEM and a Deug in musicology at the University of Poitiers.

In 1999 Géraldine moved to Paris and began to perform under his name and in different formations with notably Charles Bellonzi, Christophe Joneau, Antoine Hervier etc ... She also participated in contemporary dance projects (in 2003-2004 with the company ” Régine Chopinot Atlantic Ballets ”).

In 2005, Géraldine founded the Time Out Trio with Yoni-Zelnik (double bass) and Laurent Bataille (drums). Hailed by critics and the public, the group performs in many festivals in France (Juan-les-Pins, Vienne, Marciac, Coutances etc.) or abroad (Winter Jazz festival New York, Yokohama, Beijing Jazz Festival etc). She is also invited on various occasions by musicians from the jazz scene in France (Philippe Katerine, Ricardo Del Fra, Emmanuel Bex, Rhoda Scott ...).

From 2008, Géraldine Laurent joined the Dreyfus Jazz label (Sony BMG) with whom he released his first album: Time Out Trio, then the quartet by drummer Aldo Romano: Just Jazz quartet with Henri Texier Mauro Negri. She also plays alongside many musicians: Terez Montcalm, Laurent De Wilde, Christian Escoudé, Emmanuel Bex, Pierre de Bethmann, Franck Agulhon, Jacques Mahieux, Franck Avitabile, Anne Paceo, Alain Jean-Marie, Pierre Christophe ...

Still in 2010, Dreyfus Jazz released his second album "Around Gigi", as well as Aldo Romano's album with Henri Texier and Fabrizio Bosso "Complete communion to Don Cherry".

Since 2011, she has also participated in the records of drummer Jacques Mahieux, pianists Antoine Hervier, Mico Nissim ...

In 2013 she recorded the disc "Looking for Parker" within the trio Codjia Laurent Marguet, she was always invited to share the stage with many musicians (Aldo Romano, Henri Texier, Médéric Collignon, Pierrick Pedron, Ira Coleman, Billy Drumond, Laurent de Wilde, Airelle Besson etc.)

In 2015 she recorded her third opus as leader, the quartet "At Work" (Gazebo / other distribution) with Paul Lay on piano, Donald Kontomanou on drums and Yoni Zelnik on double bass, the disc was released in autumn 2015 and receives the grand prix of jazz from the Charles Cros academy as well as the price of the French disc of the jazz academy

In 2016 Géraldine Laurent participated in the Terez Montcalm album "When we love each other" with whom she plays regularly. She records and tours with the project “la chose commune” with Emmanuel Bex / David Lescot / Elise Caron / Simon Goubert / Mike Ladd.

Since 2017, she continues to perform with her quartet "At Work", she is invited to play with Rhoda Scott (within her Quartet and All Stars), René Urtreger and the writer Agnès Desarthe (with whom she records the disc "Premier Rendez vous" (released in 2017). She records with the guitarist Fabio Zeppetella Quartet the CD "Chanson" (Emmanuel bex and Roberto Gatto). While continuing to be invited to share the jazz scene with many musicians ( including François and Louis Moutin, Mike Stern, Daniel Humair, Emile Parisien, Thomas de Pourquery, Lenny White, Antonio Farao, Joe Lovano ..) she also performs with actors, writers, including François Marthouret, Amira Casar, Noëlle Châtelet for improvised readings.

In 2019 she recorded and released the album "Cooking" produced by Laurent De Wilde (Label Gazebo / other distribution), with Paul Lay / Yoni Zelnik / Donald Kontomanou.


2015 - Grand Prix of the Charles Cros Academy - Adami of the Jazz disc
2015 - Prize of the French disc of the jazz academy
2015 - Elected “Musician of the Year 2015” by Jazz Magasine
2011 - Knight of arts and letters
2010 - Prize of the French disc of the jazz academy
2008 - Django Reinhardt Prize from the jazz academy
2008 - Victoire du Jazz (Frank Tenot Prize)
2008 - France Culture Trophy "Creators without borders"
2006 - Django d'Or (new talent)
2006 - Juan-les-pins Jazz Revelation Competition / 1st prize (instrumental jazz category) with the Time Out Trio

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