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Rémi Sciuto Baritone saxophone, flute


In 2000, Rémi Sciuto won the first soloist prize at the National Defense Competition. Not stopping there, he finished his studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris, from which he graduated with the 1st prize with the highest honors unanimously from the Jazz class in 2001.
Since its creation, Rémi Sciuto has played in the Coronation of the Tympanum by Fred Pallem. The latter includes it in each new project: The Grand Overture, Sound Trax or even a tribute to François De Roubaix. He is also part of the Caratini Jazz Ensemble and of the multiple formations directed by Patrice Caratini. After having traveled a bit with the Music Company in Ouïr, Rémi “Wildmimi” Sciuto chose to create the Wildmimi Antigroove Syndicate. This trio accompanies for a while the crazy cabaret of Edouard Baer, ​​"The crazy and real life of Luigi Prizzotti" at La Cigale and Aux Folies Bergères. In 2006, the Wildmimi Antigroove Syndicate joined the Compagnie de cirque les Colporteurs. Rémi Sciuto will write the music for the show "Le Fil sous la Neige". Since then, they have traveled across Europe, and put each performance of this show to music. In recent years, he has multiplied collaborations and does not hesitate to move towards universes other than his own. He will play and record as well with: Louis Sclavis, Yvette Horner,, Bernard Lubat, Arthur H, Michel Portal, Marc Ducret, Boyan Z, Bruno Chevillon, Francis Cabrel, Jane Birkin, Oxmo Puccino, Nougaro, Dave, La Grande Sophie, Armand Amar, Karpatt or even Calogero. He also pursues a duo adventure with the singer Marjolaine, with whom he plays the role of a "modern and ingenious man-orchestra", in the Marjolaine Babysidecar. And participates in the project of Csaba Palotaï in the Grupa Palotaï.
Passionate and inexhaustible, Rémi “Wildmimi” Sciuto is a key saxophonist on the French music scene.


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