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eros et thanatos Daniel Casimir

reference number : J2019
release date : 30/10/2003

about this album

Ebene String Quartet:

Pierre Colombet : 1st violin
Gabriel Le Magadure : 2nd violin
Mathieu Herzog : viola
Mathieu Fontana : violoncello

Meating him, he gives the impression of a rockface of smiling serenity. And here we have a CD that he signed from A to Z, a CD which he claims to be his most personal recording so far. It is indeed the same person you will find again in the music, a mixture of delicateness and vitality, humor and profundity.
Daniel Casimir did not just sign a trombone recording, but rather a musicians recording. A recording of somebody who made his name as a sideman, but when he is in charge (compooser, arranger,conductor) he takes the trouble over presenting the values of those that surround him. In this recording he did not want you to focus on the trombone. You will hear him shure and generous as usual, but he leaves the main parts to the interpreters of his music, particulary Michael Felberbaum (guit.), Vincent Courtois (cello), Nicolas Genest (tp.),and the "Quatuor Ebene" not just limited to the usual decorating chords. Everybody has space to expresse himself in what he knows to do, even so it always is the music of Daniel Casimir you will hear, with all the facets of his soul. Easy going or spiritual, complex or evident, holding back or fully letting go. Stunningly humain.

Thierry Mallevaës


01. Tabea’s song
02. The teaser
03. Train of thoughts
04. Till the trill
05. Sculpture dansante
06. Introducig merle
07. Waltz for merle
08. Le quatuor des satellites 1
09. Le quatuor des satellites 2
10. Le quatuor des satellites 3
11. What I miss
12. By the river
13. Adventure some Sophie
14. Eros et Thanatos