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No Dåhïss NoSax NoClar

reference number : J2094
release date : 10/11/2023
Photos : © Jef Rabillon - Cover : Julien Loïs

about this album

After the release of their first two albums (Kahmsïn 2019, Rëd Sisters 2022), NoSax NoClar presents a new repertoire entitled "No Dåhïss".

With their new album, Julien Stella and Bastien Weeger explore once again new musical horizons. At a time when we think we know it all, NoSax NoClar reminds us that travel remains a mystery to be cherished. Their compositions soothe, move, question and inspire. Between jazz, traditional music and imaginary folklore lies a poetic music without borders.

They let themselves be carried away by Balkan, Celtic and Berber influences, to which they add brilliant work on timbre, rhythm and improvisation, all the while retaining their already identifiable style. On Cox the duo exchange notes over a groove of two bass clarinets: a novelty. And on Sööfi and No Dåhïss, a kaval-like sound is produced by removing the mouthpiece from one of the clarinets. The new generation of jazz music is at work, and it's beautiful and inventive.


1. Eli (tribute to Ossipovitch) - 04:04
2. Cox - 03:04
3. Jour de fête - 06:11
4. Barbary-Ann - 03:25
5. Kahmsïn (stromboli version) - 04:58
6. Bye Little Flea - 03:46
7. No Dåhïss (live at Jean-Lurçat Museum) - 04:01
8. Fajar - 05:36
9. Daouzek Eizh - 03:01
10. Mississippi - 03:18
11. Söüfi - 04:34
12. Soon - 04:59
13. Azëë Atëëq - 03:01

Total time: 53:58

Bastien Weeger : clarinet, saxophone
Julien Stella: clarinet
Paul Weeger: trumpet (Kahmsïn)