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Gilles Coronado Guitarist


A singular figure on the French scene, Gilles Coronado has nevertheless put his leadership role into parentheses to play with others: after leading the band Urban Mood in the 90s, he is found alongside big names in the jazz scene. French (Louis Sclavis, Magic Malik, Vincent Segal ...), song (Philippe Katerine, Fred Poulet ..) and within Stéphane Payen's Thôt or Sarah Murcia's Caroline. Originally trained to be a guitarist, influenced by jazz, rock, song and even by dance and theater, his music is lively and rich, in direct contact with the present. In recent years, the desire to rewrite for a collective created from scratch has pushed him to set up a brand new group simply called Coronado, a singular quartet bringing together Matthieu Metzger (alto saxophone), Antonin Rayon (keyboards) and Franck Vaillant (drums) which leaves on La Buissonne its first album: "Au pire, un bien". Traveling companions that Gilles Coronado has chosen carefully, to create a collective rather than a succession of isolated names. "The rhythmic, pulsating scansion has always been at the heart of my reflections, in a natural and obvious attraction, and more than the pitches of sounds, it is rather the sensations of passing time, of its internal division, which resonate particularly in me, explains the guitarist. Rather than seeing it as a temporal prison, I find myself dreaming in the company of other musicians to develop multiple, singular forms, wefts woven together, a collective sound state generated by the absence of a specific soloist. The electronic inputs from each other also make it possible to interfere with the initial sounds of the instruments, to achieve interference with who does what. At the end of the day “At worst, a good."
c. lavergne


It's not an exhaustive list.


other works
- Sylvain Cathala septet, Hope, Connexe Records, 2017
- Au Pire, Un Bien, La Buissonne, 2016
- Louis Sclavis Quartet « Silk and salt melodies », ECM, 2014
- Francis et ses peintres (2012)
- Louis Sclavis Atlas trio « Sources », ECM, 2012
- Katerine, Francis et ses peintres 52 Reprises (Barclay, 2011)
- Jacno Future (Polydor, 2011)
- Caroline Garden Parti/Caroline Yes (ZigZag, 2011)
- Dum Dum Le Professeur Félix (Encore, 2010)
- Thôt With Words Vol 1 (Visionprod, 2009)
- Thôt With Words Vol 2 (Visionprod, 2009)
- Print & Friends Around K (Yolk, 2009)
- Mobile Instabile (Vent d’Est, 2009)
- Lo’Jo Cosmophono (Triptyck, 2009)
- François Merville quartet O mago Hermeto (Circum Girum, 2008)
- Caroline Monaco (Label Bleu, 2008)
- Jeanne Balibar Slalom Dame (Naïve, 2006)
- Dum Dum (E Electric, 2006)
- Magic Malik Orchestra XP2 (Label Bleu, 2005)
- TTPKC & le Marin (Chief Inspector, 2005)
- Fred Poulet Milan Athletic Club (Bleu Electric, 2005)
- G. Coronado & F. Poulet Golden Retrieval (Signatures, 2005)
- Thôt Agrandi (Doc, 2004)
- Urgence (autoproduction, 2004)
- Caroline (Chief Inspector, 2004)
- Around three Gardens (Doc, 2003)
- Fred Poulet Hollywood, Baby (Dernière Bande, 2003)
- Hask La Nébuleuse Continentale (Plush, 2003)
- Le Cube le Thé (Yolk, 2003)
- Vincent Ségal T-Bone Guarnerius (Label Bleu, 2002)
- Haute Fréquence 4.1 (Doc, 2002)
- Portrait "faces" (disque solo) (Inouïe, 2001)
- Thôt (Doc, 2000)
- Urban Mood (Transes Européennes, 1999)
- Sous les Pattes du Lion (Mercoledi & Co, 1999)
- Triple Gee (Mercoledi & Co, 1998)
- Dix + Orti (In Situ, 1997)