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Benjamin Sauzereau Guitarist


Benjamin Sauzereau is a french guitar player and composer living in Belgium. His music usually investigates the meeting points of composition, improvisation and arrangement.
He has been leading for some years the following bands, each of them answering a desire to explore and write for a specific instrumentation, a specific sound and a specific interaction between musicians: Les Chroniques de l’inutile, Easy Pieces, Philémon, le chien qui ne voulait pas grandir, Sauzereau/Roosens duo, and a solo program. He co-founded with drummer Jens Bouttery the brussels based label ~suite.
As a sideman, Benjamin Sauzereau has been involved with a lot of musicians such as the collective Granvat (minimal music bands Book of Air, Fieldtone and Vvolk), Hendrik Lasure’s Warm Bad, Jens Bouttery’s installation and research project Jens Maurits Orchestra, the carribean dance band Le Bal de Marie Galante and singer Karim Gharbi.
He also wrote scores for film and worked with dancers (Meytal Blanaru’s We were the Future).


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