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Rëd Sisters NoSax NoClar

reference number : J2088
release date : 17/09/2021
Photos : © Laura Ollivier/ Jef Rabillon / JeanDepagne

about this album

Bastien Weeger and Julien Stella have found with this project a scope they didn’t expect to be so large at the beginning. Each piece, each repertoire is an opportunity to explore the art of dialogue as a duet. Two blowers whirl around, accompanying each other.
The band is able to reach anybody’s attention for their altogether simple and powerful moving stories. Bastien Weeger and Julien Stella, more humble than they should be, are rich in a musical culture without boundaries.
Kahmsïn, their first album, was inspired by Celtic (Ireland), Berber or Balkan music traditions to compose freely, with their own material. Rëd Sisters, their second album, continues to reclaim global roots, Armenia too.

NoSax NoClar album Rëd Sisters was recorded in May 2021 at Peninsula Studios in Sarzeau (France).
This second album comforts the promises overheard in Kahmsïn and opens to new paths for this visionary duo. The two pieces with their unusual set up, have no other choice than to reinvent their music, looking for new possibilities; tones, harmonies and rhythm. Relentlessly searching for new ways to evolve, they use only acoustic sources, constantly changing roles, instruments (alto and sopranos saxophones, bass clarinet et clarinet) textures, parts, solos, all intertwined together, making ever-changing atmospheres that highlight each tracks in their own very personal way. Their pirouettes occupy the field, without a safety net, almost making us forget that there are only the two of them playing.

Booking: Simon Barreau - www.wanbliprod.com

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01 - Bomi
02 - 66 de 36
03 - Bleuet
04 - Rëd
05 - Ellis Sisters
06 - Maja Yoka
07 - One for Djivan G.
08 - Le rêve
09 - Promotion 23 (feat. Thomas Gruselle, tb)
10 - Mulino mio

Total time : 36'14
Photos : © Laura Ollivier/ Jef Rabillon / JeanDepagne