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Quiet Quiet

reference number : J2058
release date : 17/05/2014

about this album

Chamber music. 

An intimate sound world, as singular as the muted tones of our unusual instrumentation.
Clarinet, guitar, Fender Rhodes: our compositions and imagination are built around this delicate alliance

Attentively, our three voices work together in harmony; crossing paths, searching and completing one another.
Quiet is a particular taste for a sense of detail, a space dedicated to silence.
Above all, it is the idea that one can say much by saying little

“(…) They especially knew how to combine the richness of references and the unexpected (perhaps even the unheard) in a completely original group - Fender Rhodes, guitar, and clarinet. Quiet simply delivers, as its name indicates, a jazz that is intimate and fresh, made of listening and space, and of poetry without affectedness. (…) Each musician must possess a great instrumental assuredness to evolve, most often so exposed, in this delicate universe, as well as a solid and shared desire to dare to play with tradition with neither nostalgia nor a posture of tribute (nor a false sense of tribute?). A brilliant job and a delightful discovery.”
Vincent Cotro, Jazzmag


revue, column, blog

radio, audio


01. Causses (O. Thémines)
02. Hoopriver (O. Thémines)
03. John Doe (A. Polin)
04. Grimmstrasse (C. Piromalli) 
05. Th e line riDer(C. Piromalli)
06. Amati’s Choice (A. Polin)
07. Little Three (C. Piromalli)
08. Mini Tutti (O. Thémines)
09. Passaic Boogie (C. Piromalli)
10. La pierre Rouge (O. Thémines)
11. Barn Big (O. Thémines)

Cédric Piromalli : Fender Rhodes
Antoine Polin : Guitar
Olivier Thémines : Clarinette
Recorded at Le Petit Faucheux by Antoine Polin, october 2013
mixed by Antoine Polin
masteriing by Pierre VanDewaeter at Studio Lakanal, february 2013