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out of the blue

urban setting

reference number : J2017
release date : 2003-03-29
available in : CD (12€)
François Ripoche, Chloé Cailleton, Wilfried Chevalier, Frederic Chiffoleau, Jean-Patrick Cosset, Anne Morineau,

Out of the Blue is a project lead by the tenor sax player Francois Ripoche . Their new album called "Urban Setting" was released in october 2003 in Europe on the Jazz label "Yolk Records" .
All France based musicians, Out of the Blue proposes a modern approach of jazz, mixing his music with a full variety of sounds, rhythms and harmonies, joining somehow in a jazz way musical universes influenced by artists such as Tricky, Bjork... A jazz project at the border of trip-hop, groove and electronic music. "Out of the Blue" was selected by the French Magazine "Vibrations" as one of their 10 favorite albums of 2003.

01. Urban setting
02. Seven o’clock
03. Pulse
04. R12
05. Bean
06. Egg’s story
07. Too late
08. Tunnelling process
09. Talkin’ to myself
10. Stars
11. Chirpy (part1)
12. Chirpy(part2)

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