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le souffle des terroirs

reference number : J2013
release date : 2002-01-01
available in : CD (12€)
Philippe Alaire, Jean Chevalier, Dominique Le Voadec, Simon Mary, Jean-Louis Pommier, Steve Potts, François Ripoche, Geoffroy Tamisier, Pascal Vandenbulke,

What we enjoy in this theme is working upon materials which cultural references are easily shared both by the public and the orchestra’s musicians. Jazz is as much a repertory as an attitude. There is a mixing, a melting pot, “ windows “ are being opened, the beating becomes an axis around which anyone can revolve, from dancing to improvising.
01. Un poco Tango, un poco Paso, mucho Loco
02. Pia : 1-2-3 Soleil
03. Sérifos
04. Eruption Balkanic
05. Ce petit clown était presque triste
06. L’île aux cormorans
07. Slavomatic

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