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In-visibility Orbit

reference number : J2085
release date : 02/02/2023
Photos : Annabelle Tiaffay


https://youtu.be/rPsFj0S1dYk Orbit - Saturn Diamonds

about this album

From the beginning of this story as a trio (formed in 2016 at the Europa Jazz Festival in Le Mans) we wanted to go as far as possible together. The first eponymous album released in 2019 witnesses our meeting, that of three explorers of sound spaces who gravitate around each other. We already had more material than we needed and the desire for a new album was real as the flow between us was so obvious. Postponed several times due to the epidemic, it finally took us a short time to embark on a new course.
We prepared In—Visibility in the same way as the first album, we signed the music together by imagining the piloting options that Tom would take. Ready for the expedition, the trio met at the Opéra de Lyon in May 2022 for the start of a tour that would pass through Brittany (France) with a stopover at Sarzeau’s Studio Peninsula.
On the first day of rehearsal, thirteen pieces stood out. The next day they came to life on stage and a few days later the studio microphones took them. For several weeks we searched for titles. Some more enigmatic evoked "satellites" drifting according to a poetry of the moment, of the unspoken, of the felt, as one might imagine particles brushing against or colliding in the void of space. It seemed to us that by projecting ourselves into all this astral imagery we find what makes us vibrate in the music, sometimes finding ourselves overwhelmed by what we did not see coming and taking a giant step towards who we are.
Pointing the telescope towards an area, exploring and searching every corner with patience and humility to unearth the pearl, this is perhaps what happened to us when playing the encore of the public concert recorded in the studio, a suspended version of he forgotten track by Bill Evans, “Orbit”, a track hidden behind so many bright stars that had been waiting for our trio for decades.
This noise of paper which floats in the hands of Tom Rainey and which seems to fly away towards infinity will have been the last sound of the recording session, it is this fragile rustling which seemed to us to conclude this opus most naturally, in total weightlessness.

These three artists do not strike a pose. No emphatic one-upmanship and no ostentatious display with them: above all the expressive intensity of the collective game counts in the service of ambitious and always easily readable formal concerns, translated and sublimated in an art of continuously stimulating creative conversation. Bernard Aimé, déc. 22