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Julien Stella Clarinets, Beat Box


Passionate about music since his early childhood, curious and always in search of new sound experiences, Julien Stella is a multi-instrumentalist, beat-maker and beatboxer.

Active since 2011, the year he won the title of beatbox french champion in team category (duo BoxOffice), he is doing
his first steps as an instrumentalist on stage in 2012, as a member of the band Groove Catchers, playing bass clarinet and beatbox. Winner of the festival Hiphopsession 2017 beatbox solo category, champion of the battle beatbox/instrument GrowlUp 2017 alongside Alexhino , vice French Champion of beatbox 2017 team category, he's also involved in several projects on clarinet, such as in the duo NoSax NoClar, or in the Cie Macadâmes.

Influenced by many styles, and different musical currents, Julien Stella continues to multiply projects, with multiple and varied horizons. He's also a part of the Rythm Alchemy, alongside the trio Chemirani, Vincent Ségal, Stéphane Galland, Prabuh Edouard and Sokratis Sinopoulos.
Jef Rabillon


It's not an exhaustive list.

september 2020
30  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Europa Jazz, Le Mans, France

october 2020
09  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Théâtre de Vanves, France
11  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Détours de Babel, Grenoble
17  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Tourcoing Jazz Festival, France
18  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Sunnyside Festival, Reims
28  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Opus Jazz Club, Budapest, Hongrie
31  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Festival Jazzèbre, Perpignan, France

november 2020
04  concert  NoSax NoClar @ SMAC 07, Privas, France
05  concert  NoSax NoClar @ SMAC 07, Annonay, France
06  concert  NoSax NoClar @ L'Arsenal, Metz, France
13  concert  NoSax NoClar @ JAZZDOR, Strasbourg, France

december 2020
01  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Péniche Anitpode, Paris, France
02  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Metronum, Toulouse, France
05  concert  NoSax NoClar @ Scène Nationale, Orléans, France
13  concert  NoSax NoClar @ L'Estran, Guidel


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