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Fragments Yves Rousseau 7tet -

reference number : J2081
release date : 18/09/2020
Photos : © Jeff Humbert et Anne-Claire Alvoët

A propos du disque

I created these « Fragments » from memories of the mid 70’s and secondary school time, when the great pop/rock groups were at their acme of creativity and put their mark for ever on the history of music .
No re-readings, no arrangements, but only original pieces, fruit of my own road as a composer and improvising times with multiple influences, writen in the memory of these exiting discoveries and flashes. Yves Rousseau


It's not an exhaustive list.

october 2020

november 2020

january 2021
29  concert  Yves Rousseau 7tet - @ Théâtre Cœmedia Marmande


01. Reminiscence
part I
part II
02. Personal computer
ending with "Orleans" by David Crosby
03. Abyssal ecosystem
04. Darkness desire
part I
part II
05. Crying shame
06. Oat beggars
07. Winding pathway
part I
part II
part III
part IV
08. Efficient nostalgia

Total time: 63'26
Photos : © Jeff Humbert et Anne-Claire Alvoët