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sidony box

reference number : J2052
release date : 2011-01-19
available in : BOX (15€)
Manuel Adnot, Elie Dalibert, Arthur Narcy,

How can one present the music of this trio differently from showing the state of mind of its origin, the characteristic features of its evolution and desires?
At first, it was a matter of urgency, because Sidony Box, created in early 2009, wasn’t conceived as a project but rather as an irrefutable fact. When the 3 musicians played together for the first time, they caught a real sound and naturally felt the wish to follow the same musical way. Each of them brought their own compositions -apart from etiquette- to build rapidly a repertoire that had rather its origin in the world around than in notes, easily melting distinct musical fields.

From then on, spontaneity could show up in the name of multiple influences to express the feelings of the present moment. The favourite records of Manuel Adnot (main composer of the album) are multiple and eclectic. Among them one can mention Deftones, Happy Apple, Sigur Ros and Radiohead. One should also consider the influences of Arthur Narcy, who is fond of trance and “working sound” and Elie Dalibert’s ones, more inspired by traditional jazz even though he is naturally open to every kind of sound forms.

In fact, here and there we can hear pop (Comme des rois), heavy metal (Tetsuo) or even noisy sounds (Redux), always based on the language of improvisation, which is prominent in the construction of musical pieces. In other terms, the trio prefers music of the moment to etiquette and clichés. The tunes often come from a written framework and become group compositions since the musicians strive towards a common discourse, a real sound. To that extent, several pieces of the album were literally modified in the course of playing (Irrésistible, Finlandais, Rigole, Redux), totally improvised (Out of the Queen) or on the contrary, played in their original form (1988, Comme des rois). But in any case, the guiding line was always the same: to play to the full.

In the end, the record appears to be a snapshot of Sidony Box and his world taken 8 months after the beginning of the band. This Power Jazz Trio only functions as a whole, following a progression that can be freely debated. And what really matters is that it is for you to decide what to do with it.

Translation Eric Amrofel

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