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trio bado


reference number : J2008
release date : 2001-02-01
available in : CD (12€)
Denis Badault, Francois Merville, Olivier Sens,

At the head of the Badault gang, then of the national jazz Orchestra, pianist Denis Badault had seduced us by the diversity of his speech and the precision of a composition which is always keen to receive the suggestions of his fellow musicians. As a trio, with double bass player Olivier Sens and drummer François Merville, Badault keeps to this line. In spite of their evocative titles – “For Ornette Coleman”, “Be Free Be Frisel” …- the compositions are mostly trails that are open for invention, for playing and improvising together. As lovers of uncommon forms, Badault, Sens and Merville add to their respective instruments plenty of musical objects and percussions. This gives a free, jolly, well-assured music, like a snapshot which would not strive to impose a particular melody. Impeccable sound recording (Vincent Mahey) at the Duc des Lombards in November 1999. Mixing by Stéphane Andrivot and Benoît Delbecq.

Sylvain Siclier
01. La contine des hauts
02. FOC (For Ornette Coleman)
03. Rock 1/2
04. Be free, be Frisell + Beau corbeau
05. Solo sens
06. Et de trois
07. Up, up, up
08. La reine enlacée rit

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